Placida Bars & Restaurants

Placida, Florida is a relatively small community in Charlotte County that is part of the Punta Gorda Metropolitan Area. It is known for being a really low key community that is a great place for tourists to hang out at without being bothered by a ton of other tourists and spring breakers. The folks at Placida are fantastic and hospitable, and enjoy their small, tight knit community. It is known for Palm Island Resort and its ton of fishing opportunities. While you're in Placida, you are certain to work up an appetite or a desire to sit down for a drink, so here are some of our favorite restaurants and bars in Placida.

Lil Tony's Pizzeria

8725 Placida Road, Placida, FL 33946
There are a few places to grab a slice of pizza in Placida, Florida, but very few are even half as good as the pies that you get at Lil Tony Pizzeria. They have the freshest ingredients that you could possibly ask for there, and all of their food is cooked absolutely to perfection, with delicious, crispy, crunchy crusts, and melt-in-your-mouth, delicious cheeses. They have excellent service that will blow you away, and it feels like you're stepping foot into a classic, old style pizzeria from Italy. They have all sorts of delicious items on their menu that will simply blow you away, starting wtith their delicious wings and garlic knots for starters, as well as their pastas and subs. But, obviously, the real winner is in their Pizzas, with tons of delicious specialty pizzas like the Artichoke Pizza, the Grilled Chicken Pizza, and the Lil Tony's Pizza Special. You really can't go wrong with anything from Lil Tony's! And they have delicious beers that will be certain to satisfy and contribute to your meal. If you don't feel like heading out to Lil Tony then they deliver, which is a huge plus!

Villa Capri Ristorante Italiano

8501 Placida Road, Placida, FL 33946
Villa Capri, having only opened their doors in 2012, has quickly worked it's way up to becoming one of the absolute best and most beloved Italian Fine Dining experiences in all of South West Florida. They have worked diligently to provide and curate the best and most fantastic possible plates for each and every guest providing a unique and personable dining experience for each and every person. The service at Villa Capri Ristorante Italiano is so warm and welcoming, and you and your date, friends, or family will all feel like royalty eating at Villa Capri. They are all very attentive and will always make sure that you have everything that you want, and that your drinks are constantly full and fresh. The quality of the food is absolutely beyond compare, with homemade classics as well as eclectic originals, you will drool at how delicious the food at Villa Capri is. When you head into Villa Capri for a meal, we strongly suggesty you get started with the Carpaccio di Manzo and try out the Eggplant Parmesan for your entree and the Nodino del Vitello. Make sure to check the specials menu, as they frequently have new and awesome things that are always worth a try.

Palmetto Grill

8501 Placida Road Unit A15, Placida, FL 33946
Palmetto Grill is a place that you absolutely will fall in love with once you walk through their doors for the first time. You will be so satisfied with your meal and your overall experience that you will not hesitate to return there over and over again, whether for a casual dining experience on your own, a nice family meal, or a romantic date, Palmetto is a perfect and versatile spot for you to head to. It will become your new go-to spot no matter the occasion or the need. All of the food there is extremely delicious as well as creative -- there are some specialty items on their menu that we have never even heard of before which is always awesome. The atmosphere is casual and yet elegant, and has a very unique interior whose origins we can't quite put our fingers on. So for whatever reason you want to head to Palmetto Grill, you absolutely need to head over there -- it is always a great place to head to.

Waterside Grill

15001 Gasparilla Road, Placida, FL 33946
Waterside Grill is an extremely versatile restaurant that has all sorts of great things about it. Beginning with the menu, they have a ton of different menu items that range from classic traditional items that you would expect them to have like fish & chips, burgers, steaks, onion straws, and so on, all of which are absolutely remarkable, but probably the best thing are all of their specialty items that they frequently add to their menus. We love the service that is provided at Waterside Grill, as they are always being attentive and friendly from the very minute that you walk through the door. You never have to worry about being forgotten about or your drinks being empty, as the folks over at Waterside Grill are always making sure that you are positively taken care of. The atmosphere at Waterside Grill is not overly fancy, but it is also extremely clean and pleasant at the same time. You will be delighted by your overall experience at Waterside Grill, guaranteed. So if you're looking for a delicious place to grab a quick, easy meal on the water then you should absolutely try out Waterside Grill.

Fishery Restaurant

13000 Fishery Road, Placida, FL 33946
Fishery Restaurant is an awesome, low key restaurant that provides a casual dining atmosphere that is certain to please anyone who heads over there. It is actually a pretty well hidden gem in Placida that many people enjoy because it is not frequently packed in there, despite how delightful all of the meals there are. They provide fresh seafood that is delivered there every single day, so you don't have to worry about your meal tasting old and not fresh. They also have a full bar that has everything from fine wine to delicious beers and full liquor selections. If that's not enough for you then you need to head over to Fishery Restaurant for their exclusive boat access as well. There is tons of fun to be have at Fishery Restaurant. They also have a great outdoor dining area for you to enjoy the nice breeze and great Florida weather. So whether you're a tourist in the Placida area and are looking for a delicious place to grab a bite to eat or a drink, or if you're a resident of Placida and are looking for a new place to make your regular dinner spot, then you should definitely try out Fishery Restaurant on Fishery Road.

Zydeco Grill

8501 Cape Haze Plaza, Placida, FL 33946
Zydeco Grille is an excellent place to grab some delicious, authentic Cajun and Creole cuisine. They have all sorts of varying spices that you can always customize depending on how spicy you like your food and how much you are able to handle. All of the food tastes like delicious home cooking, but by someone who is an unbelievably good cook. They also have a very excellent beer selection with just about any kind of beer that you would like, as well as a completely full bar with wines and liquors, and the bartenders are extremely knowledgeable and know just about any cocktail that you could possibly want, as well as tons of specialty cocktails that will blow you away and become your new favorites. You'll find yourself requesting the specialty cocktails from Zydeco Grille at every other regular spot that you head to. Each and every Tuesday night they also have live, Cajun bluegrass music that is sure to delight your senses. When you head into Zydeco then you need to begin by trying out the Crab Au Gratin or the Fried Green Tomato Napoleon, and then finish off with the Spicy Chicken Florentine or the Baked Stuffed Shrimp. Whichever way you go, you will be blown away.

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