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So you're finally getting married. Congratulations! Your wedding will be a night that you will remember for the rest of your life. If all goes well, and if your have done the proper planning ahead, then the day of your wedding will bet he most magnificent and beautiful day of your life -- one that you will be proud to look back on with fondness, and one which you will happily share photos and videos of for friends, family, and future children for decades to come. However, there are many ways that planning for your wedding can go wrong, since there are so many different things that you need to think about. The last thing you want is for one part of the wedding to go wrong and for it to begin a domino effect of everything else falling apart. This will result in the day of your wedding becoming less of a fond memory and more of a terrible disaster that you'd just as soon completely erase from the annals of your mind. This is why it is so extremely vital that you have every last detail planned beforehand.

Some of the most important things that you need to handle with the wedding planning process, beyond your own personal aesthetics such as the wedding dress, the bridal party dresses, your hair, makeup, and so on are all of the logistics of the event itself. For example, you need to figure out what catering company you plan on using for the food of the event, or if you plan on having the venue that you have decided upon using providing food, and once you know how you will be providing food, you need to figure out what food options will not only suit your fancy, but also will be popular choices amongst your guests. You don't want to pick things that are extremely generic that your guests won't be able to get excited about, but you also don't want your choice to be so obscure that you will ruin everyone's appetites.

You also need to consider the music for the wedding. And this goes beyond just deciding whether you want a band, DJ, or an iPod wedding, which can already be enough of a task to think about in the first place, but you also need to consider all of the different essential songs that need to be played throughout the entire wedding such as pre-ceremony, the songs that play when the bridal party walks down the aisle, the song that plays when the mothers are walking down the aisle, the cocktail party songs, the first dance song, the mother-song dance song, the daddy-daughter dance song and so on and on and on. You also need to think of a uniform "theme" and color palette for the wedding so that you can ensure that everything, from the decorations, to the cake, to what you and your future partner wear, are all uniform and look fantastic.

One huge aspect of the wedding planning process that many people seem to forget about is the transportation aspect. This can sometimes be the most complicated step when it comes to planning the wedding. With the gap between the ceremony and reception, which are usually separated by different venues, transporting out-of-town guests, and a guest list that is already sizable, it can be pretty difficult figuring out how to organize transportation for your wedding. This is why renting a party bus, or several party buses, for your wedding can be an excellent idea.

Party buses are basically mobile parties. They are extremely popular forms of transportation for events like weddings, bachelor and bachelorette parties, 21st birthday celebrations, anniversaries, and simply fun nights out with friends. They come with all sorts of different features such as brilliant multicolored interior lights, DVD players, sound systems that connect to any sort of device with auxiliary ports, and built-in coolers that can store whatever kinds of beverages that you would like. Party Buses are beloved because they save you a lot of money and hassle on transportation that would otherwise by a nightmare to handle, and it is completely legal to consume alcohol on board! What more could you ask for?

Our experienced drivers have an extensive knowledge of all of the local venues, bars, and restaurants, with an uncanny mental map of all of the major roadways and highways, so no matter what stops you'd like to make, or where the location of your reception is, they will have no problem getting you and your guests there on time. When planning for the transportation of your wedding, a Ft. Myers Party Bus is a no-brainer!

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