Ft. Myers Events

Fort Myers is surrounded by beaches, family attractions, cultural destinations and a great amount of night clubs and restaurants. That is why we stay so busy! If you need help planning a trip, we can help you with that. Either way, here are some of our most common events, to give you an idea as to what we are used to doing. These aren't all of the events we service but they show the versatility in the service abilities that we are so proud of.

Some of our popular events:

Bar hopping
Bachelorette parties
Bachelor parties
Sporting events
Corporate events
Prom & homecoming
Weddings, Bachelor, and Bachelorette Parties

Weddings have been one of our most common mainstays and we're very happy to be a part of such an important day in anyone's lives.This is why we offer special packages that benefit you when you plan your parties with your weddings and also give special flat-rate pricing (with additional amenities) for wedding days. Read more about weddings in Fort Myers, Florida! Check out or favorite friends who offer Austin Weddings or Michigan Weddings

Beach Tours

So often, we end up visiting only the beaches that are closest to our homes or the places that we are visiting.With so many to choose from, sometimes that seems like the best option. However, our staff and chauffeurs know all of the beaches in the area, which ones have restaurants right on them, which ones have large park areas, etc. Forget about having to drive and pile everyone into the car and climb aboard one of our deluxe party buses and leave all of that up to us and do what you came for - having fun!

Historical Trips

Can you imagine going to every last historically-relevant place in greater Ft. Myers without having to worry about parking, traffic and getting everyone into one family car? We provide you with the room, comfort, amenities, absence of worry and luxury that makes any trip that much better.

Festivals and Concerts

We are here to help you to have a great time and we know how important it is to get away sometimes, even if it's just for half a day. With the near-constant activities that are going on in the metro area, there's always a need for luxury transportation so call us with some advance notice and we'll make sure that your time away is as fun-filled and worry-free as can be!

Nights Out on the Town

One great thing about Fort Myers is that we have more than just one downtown area to turn to when we want to go out and have fun. Every night of the week, we take our hard-working friends out on the town so that they can get a break from their day-to-day routines.

Homecomings and Proms

We have the rides that they want and the responsible drivers and rates that you desire. We've been handling prom nights and homecomings for many years and there are plenty of Ft. Myers area citizens who'd gladly give you a reference as to our service.